Raised in nature,

by nature and in harmony with nature.

Pure nature,

Halal en Tayyib grass-fed lamb meat

Halal lamb meat

Delicious meat, the way nature intended

Our mission

High quality halal lamb and mutton meat products

It is our wish and mission to provide customers with high-quality halal lamb mutton and natural casings. We do this at competitive prices, excellent service and fully in line with our halal standards and specifications. Every day we work with great love and dedication to satisfy our customers with he delivery of the freshest halal lamb, without compromise on quality and always slaughtered by hand.

About us

Natural halal grass fed lamb,

slaughtered in the traditional Muslim way.

We are what we do, and we are what we eat. We understand better than anyone the significance of halal certified food and its importance for Muslims. We were raised with respect for tradition, culture and the delicious natural flavors and quality of lamb mutton. We don't think there is a place in the world where they don't eat lamb. We are therefore proud that we can share our passion for lamb with our customers in both the Netherlands and abroad

Pure and honest meat

Nature at its best

With respect for nature and animals, we strive to source our products from parties that practice, animal and environmentally friendly farming. Opting only for grass-fed lambs and sheep that have been raised in a traditional, humane and sustainable way. Nature is therefore the best basis for a unique taste at a fair price on the plate of the end consumer.


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Edisonstraat 6, 5051 DS Goirle

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